The classes will meet weekly on the same day at the same time for 8 weeks. Once the time slot has been filled it will be removed from the site as an option.  It is on a first come, first serve basis.  Once we hit 40 people per class the classes will be closed. Once again you MUST have completed the book two mentoring classes to be able to enter the advanced classes. You will also need to complete book two before you do book three.  As time slots fill up we will open more options.

Book 2 Mentoring time slots:

Beginning Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 1:30pm Central/7:30pm UK time

Beginning Tuesday 9th October  2018 at 6:00pm Central time/midnight UK time

Advanced Mentoring time slots:

Beginning Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 1:30pm Central/7:30UK time
Beginning Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 6:00pm Central/midnight UK time

Book 3 Mentoring time slots:

Beginning Thursday 11th October 2018 at 1:30pm Central/7:30 UK time

Beginning Thursday 11th October 2018 at 6:00pm Central/midnight UK time


​Time Slots Available

1. ​Payment should be made via PayPal to  Underscore between revelation and revealed. If you are paying for a book class the cost is $100 per person and the advanced courses are $300 per person. 

2. IN THE PAYMENT YOU MUST DESIGNATE THE TIME SLOT YOU ARE RESERVING as well as the NAME it is being reserved for.  If this is not done your payment will be refunded immediately and you will potentially lose your spot.

3. Within 2 business days of payment being received you will receive a follow up email with more instructions. You will also need to friend Joseph on Facebook so someone from the team can add you to the Facebook group.

4. If you want us to connect with you on an email other than the one you send the PayPal from please also send that info along with the time slot and name.

​​​Online classes

Registration is OPEN!

​Please see below for all information including: Registration, time slots, zoom, dropbox as well as payment information. This is an exciting opportunity to go with Joseph and be able to connect personally while exploring depths of what has been written and more!  The book mentoring will go chapter by chapter through the particular book being presented.  Each week will have questions and required reading.  The advanced mentoring takes a much different structure and requires much more from the student as we dive deeper into exploring the realms together.

1. ​Joseph will be leading every class personally.

2. We will be using Zoom as a platform for web conferencing. 

3. You can download a free account at

4. ALL participants will begin with book 2. There is no option for Book one. You must complete book two before you can proceed to book three and advanced mentoring. Once book 2 course is completed you may proceed to either advanced or 3.

5. You must purchase a copy of the book and read it with us, a link to buy kindle and paperback is on

6. Classes will be in a question/answer/discussion format

7. YOU will be asking the questions. The questions MUST remain within the content covered for the week

8. There will be required reading (for the books) as well as questions for you to answer every week.  The answers to these questions will be between you and Papa and you will not be required to share them if you do no like. Some of the questions may seem simple but it is vital we lay down all we know and start over asking Papa for His perspective on the questions.

9. Once payment has been received you will be added to a Facebook group where you will find the questions and answers.

10. All meetings will be recorded and shared to you via dropbox so if you do not have a dropbox email you must create one.  They are free.

11. Cost is $100USD per person for all book courses and $300 per person for advanced, no exceptions. No couples discount.

12. These meetings are NOT to be shared with any unpaid members or members outside your group.  If it is discovered you have violated this you will be kicked from the class IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT refund.
Privacy and trust are building blocks that must be established.

13. The classes will be ONCE at the designated time and meet for EIGHT WEEKS for TWO hours a week. You CAN do more than one book class at a time but the advanced course must be done alone.  

14. Deadline for signing up for this session is April 20th. The next session will begin in August or September this year.