Whether it is in a three day intensive with a small group of people, a large conference with many or a mentoring group with a few there is one thing we know.  Love wins!

The manifestation of Love and Family in the Earth beginning with rest and intimacy in Heaven propels us forward together.

Papa has surrounded us by people who Love intentionally and well.  The highest honor is to Love those He Loves and to enjoy each other in  relationship.  While we may not get to see each other all the time, our bond is in Him.

We have been provided the unique opportunity to build family of all ages and races all over the world.  Loving the young and old into maturity is our mission and greatest joy..

about us

Joseph lives in Birmingham Alabama and travels the world speaking internationally while administrating the will of the Father. He is the author of two books in a series called "Treasures of Darkness." The first book called "Chronicles of a Seer" is a journey of love into discovering the armor of light and the second, "Echoes of a Father" is a journey into exploring relationship with Men in White Linen. Joseph is passionate about exploring the mysteries of Heaven and seeing the patterns discovered there revealed in the Earth.

The Revelation Revealed Team is comprised of trusted friends who have been in relationship for many years and have grown in Papa together through hard times and good.  For now the rest of the team desires to be unknown.  You are all loved extravagantly.